Hello there!

I am Constantin Rauliuc or Costy for short.
Thank you for visiting my page, there will be more content to come.

Have a nice one!



I can truly say about me that I am a fixer, a bug-fixer that is.
I enjoy tracking down the problem to the root of the cause, finding it, fixing it, looking it deep in the eyes and say “Hasta la Vista Baby“.

Other than that, I like it when my work makes it easier for someone else to do theirs. That is why I think of my self as a fixer, I focus my time and knowledge on software products that ease peoples work.

Besides programming, I will never refuse a walk in the park or even better the woods, listening to live street musicians or watching the new episodes on Suits.

WHAAT? We all have guilty pleasures. 🙂 What’s yours?